Tatyana Parfionova
Spring-Summer 2015 "Love Confession" — Demi-couture collection

"The World is based on life-asserting symbols. It rests on seven elephants symbolizing Stability and Strength. Monkey - symbol of Art. Blue Bird - Happiness and Luck - walks in the orchid garden of Beauty and Perfection. Butterflies - holy souls - fly with bees producing the music of ideal World."

Concept: Tatyana Parfionova
Ideas of themes and decorations: Tatyana Parfionova, Petr Titarenko
Photographer's assistants: Nadezhda Manannikova, Anton Savitsky
Postproduction: Anastasiya Derzhavina
Hair: Slava Astapov
Make-up: MAC Cosmetics (Natalya Lyzhina)
Style: Andrey Korovko

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